What is the best fireplace damper to use?

Is your fireplace cold and drafty, or letting in foul chimney odor?
Traditional Metal Dampers
If your fireplace chimney damper is leaky, broken or missing you need to put in a new damper. But, traditional metal fireplace damper replacements are not the answer!

  • Metal dampers are exposed to extreme heat & soot, so they warp and rust rapidly.
  • They conduct cold through the metal.
  • With a vented gas log fireplace the metal damper must be clipped open.

Dysfunctional Metal Dampers

The Chimney Balloon® damper has a tight energy-efficient seal.
Chimney Balloon Fireplace Dampers
The Chimney Balloon has been sealing hundreds of thousands of chimneys worldwide for 20 years. The Chimney Balloon is engineered and tested to seal better than any other fireplace damper on the market.

  • The Chimney Balloon is available in any size up to 6 feet x 3 feet
  • The Chimney Balloon is easy to install. Anyone can do it!
  • It is made of a thick & flexible multi-ply laminate that does not conduct cold.
  • It conforms to the shape and texture of the flue surface to give a superior seal.
  • The Chimney Balloon will release if a fire is accidentally lit under it.

See what size Chimney Balloon will work for your fireplace.

Buy a standard or custom size Chimney Balloon today!    

Chimney Balloon Fireplace Dampers


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