Chimney Balloon Field Test
How much heat does a Chimney Balloon fireplace damper save?

The Test Professional:
Mark Furst (pictured at left) of Grading Spaces LLC is a certified energy rater/auditor with Focus on Energy (Department of Energy program of Wisconsin). He conducted the test below and was selected because of his qualifications and excellent reputation in Southern Wisconsin. Mark Furst is in no way affiliated with or compensated by Chimney Balloon Co. so he offered an unbiased third party review. You can read Mark Fursts comments from this test.

The Test Home:

  • 1100 square foot ranch home
  • R50 attic insulation (cellulose blow in)
  • R19 fiberglass insulated walls
  • Eight R2 rated windows
  • Three steel exterior doors with storm doors

The Test Homes Fireplace:

  • Majestic L36B Prefab Zero Clearance fireplace with 9" flue
  • Fireplace has Sears Brand bifold glass doors  with tempered glass
  • A flapper style downward opening metal damper
  • Equipped with a 9x9 Chimney Balloon


The Homes Heating History:
This home has been occupied by the same family and was served by the same Natural Gas utility since 2003. Below is a record of the Natural Gas Consumption per heating year (Nov-April).

Year Gas Consumption
2003-04 853 therms
2004-05 477 therms*
2005-06 453 therms
2006-07 466 therms
2007-08 462 therms

*In February 2004 the attic insulation was upgraded from R32 to R50, the power vent furnace was replaced and a Chimney Balloon was installed for the first time.

The Test:
The home test was conducted using a Minneapolis Blower Door Test System in August of 2008. The home was depresurized to -50 Pascal and the following air loss measurements were recorded in cubic feet per minuite / 50. Click Here to read the notes from the Energy Rater who conducted this test.

Fireplace Condition  Results in cfm
Damper open / No Damper 1720
Glass Doors closed only 1323
Damper closed only 1470
Damper closed & Glass doors closed 1280
Chimney Balloon installed only 1250


The Results:
Using a Chimney Balloon made this home...
MORE EFFICIENT than if there was no damper
$206 saved per heating season*

MORE EFFICIENT than using the damper
$115 saved per heating season*

MORE EFFICIENT than using glass doors
$46 saved per heating season*

* Figures based on 2006 Federal Register average of $1.41 per natural gas therm,
  and average 5 yr consumption for this test home. 

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