Chimney Balloon History
Chimney Balloon LTD was founded in England in 1989 by the inventor of the Chimney Balloon, plastic engineer David Woodman. One cold windy day David was working in his drafty study and he noticed his fireplace was emitting a significant amount of cold air. He had his fireplace flue stuffed with an ineffective solution of crumpled-up newspapers, but the uncomfortable draft continued.

This fireplace problem sparked an idea in David for a specially designed inflatable bag to be fitted into the fireplace to stop the draft. The membrane had to be durable enough to withstand the corrosive and harsh environment of the chimney, but supple enough to conform to the uneven surfaces and grab tightly to the flue wall. David used a proprietary poly laminate that had the chemical and physical characteristics to be durable as a Chimney Balloon draft excluder.

Chimney Balloon International
Chimney Balloons were a quick hit in the British Isles and soon spread to Europe as well. In 2005 Chimney Balloon USA, Chimney Balloon New Zealand, and Chimney Balloon Australia were opened to serve the ever increasing demand for the product globally.
Chimney Balloon Manufacturing
Chimney Balloons are manufactured in England by a skilled team of Chimney Balloon craftsmen. Manufacturing air tight durable Chimney Balloons in various standard and custom sizes requires a thorough knowledge of plastic engineering and an eye for detail.
Energy raters, insulation contractors, chimney sweeps, masons and fireplace and wood stove owners all over the world rely on the Chimney Balloon to be a simple and effective tool to save energy and stop cold drafts. The Chimney Balloon is also commonly used to stop chimney odors, insect, bird or bat entry issues through the flue.