Q:  I occasionally get a bat in my house that comes in through the fireplace. In the fall, I always get wasps coming inside through the fireplace. I watch my grandkids occasionally (one is allergic to bees), so I need to fix this problem ASAP. I have the damper closed, but that isn't stopping them. - Jane

A: Hi Jane, I can understand your frustration. Bats, birds, wasps, Asian beattles and other bugs are attracted to your chimney because it is a dark enclosed space. Bugs also follow the smell of food and warmth. They just need a tiny gap in the damper to sneak into your home. If you air seal your chimney tightly with a Chimney Balloon you can block their path.

How to Fix It Step By Step:
Step 1: Vacuum the dead bugs out of the firebox. Follow the instructions to measure your fireplace

Step 2: Order a Chimney Balloon that fits your fireplace

Step 3: When the Chimney Balloon arrives, you inflate the Chimney Balloon into place to seal the fireplace. You can test your seal with a smoke pencil to make sure every nook and crevice is sealed.


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