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Smoke Pencil: Light Duty Draft Detector Stick

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The Light Duty Smoke Pencil is the perfect tool for a Do-It-Yourself person to use around the home to identify drafts and air leaks.
This non-toxic smoke puffer stick generates a small amount of smoke to help you identify drafts around the home. Pull the trigger on the Light Duty Smoke Pencil near the area that you suspect a draft, and see how the smoke moves to show air motion. The light on the Smoke Pencil illuminates the smoke and the area you are testing for easy air movement detection. A 3oz smoke fluid bottle with a special filling tube is included with the Light Duty Smoke Pencil.

You control the amount of smoke this Light Duty Smoke Pencil generates by holding the finger trigger. The smoke is a harmless non-toxic sweet smelling Water, Glycol and Glycerin mixture (similar to toy train smoke) vapor. It does not use the dangerous and caustic acid, or incineration based smoke that other smoke sticks often produce.

Special Features include:
- Compatible with all Smoke Pencil accesories and fluid.
- Long smoke chimney provides extra reach for high locations
- LED flashlight built into the tip to illuminate the testing area.

Comes With:
1 - Light Duty Smoke Pencil Draft Detector (6AA Batteries required, not included)
1 - 3oz Bottle of non-toxic smoke fluid with special filler spout
1 - Direction sheet on how to use the Light Duty Smoke Pencil

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