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Custom 9"X5" Chimney Balloon

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Price: $42.99
Prod. Code: CB9X5 Custom

Custom 9"X5" Round Chimney Balloon® Chimney Pillow® inflatable flue plug. This 9"x5"  Chimney balloon is used to plug flues that are 9x5 or smaller. This is a custom manufactured Chimney Balloon that requires a 14 day turnaround time to ship. Custom Chimney Balloons are made to order, and therfore are not returnable.

If the location you measured for your Chimney Balloon cannot easily be touched with your hand you will want an HEK Handle Extender for your Chimney Balloon. It provides an extra long handle/valve to make the install go easier.

Attention: Please remember the dimension and size refers to your chimney size NOT the Chimney Balloon size. This Chimney Balloon™ will not work on a chimney any larger than 9"x5".

If you do not see the size you require on our Custom Chimney Balloon page please contact us.

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