Chimney Balloon Reviews

Unsolicited reviews from our customers regarding Chimney Balloons and Smoke Pencils...

"The [custom] balloon arrived and it is in place already!  I don't recall the actual date it arrived, but it was quick.  Thanks again for a terrific product! Cheers"
Lloyd G. Vienna, VA

"I got the 12x12 to work in our flue and that evening my wife and I were downstairs watching tv and we both commented that the basement felt 10 degrees warmer since we put the Chimney Balloon in. thank you for a great service and product."
Ryan L. St Louis, MO

"Just wanted to let you know that the balloon has made a huge difference in sealing up my chimney and my living room is staying soooo much cooler now that its in place!  Thanks so much for the great product!!!!"
Marc H. Auburn, AL

"Just a note to express my appreciation for going the extra mile in your service efforts. I didn't realize I had my [chimney] balloon 2 years instead of the one year I thought, and because of the circumstances you went ahead and took care of me without a pause. Your product has made quite a difference in the fire place for keeping the smell out and locking the air conditioning in. I have and will continue to send new customers your way Thanks again,
Tim W. Springfield, MO

"We own an historic home with 8 fireplaces.  Over the last several month we bought chimney balloons for all of them. They work great and I believe saved us hundreds of dollars in heating costs."
Steven K. Providence, RI

"I just received and installed my Chimney Balloon.  100% Simple.  I've got confidence that it will pay for itself in very short order."
Dave J. Arlington, MA

"Thanks to both of you.  My wife uses the room a an office often and reports it is much more comfortable. She had always thought the draft was from the door or big window."
Paul B. Ypsilanti, MI

"What a fantastic product. Such a simple idea."
James C. London, ON

"We installed our chimney balloon three days ago, and what a difference! Cold drafts are no longer a problem. The living room is now a cozy refuge thanks to the chimney balloon. Installation was a snap. Glad I bought the inflating extender tube. Good job on referring us to that!"
Dan A. San Gabriel, CA

"I would like to thank Jason for helping me correctly purchase a Chimney Balloon.  Recently we had an energy audit completed and they recommended your company to purchase the balloon. Thanks."
Bob W. Savage, MN

"We have received and installed the different [sized chimney balloon] you sent – it  fits very well. Thank you for all your help and we appreciate the extra attention you have provided. Best regards"
Jim S. St Albert, AB

"Thank you for the all help. I got he balloons 2 weeks ago and installed them. So far so good. I really appreciate all you did for us and will definitely recommend you company to others."
Nancy M. Kansas City, MO

"Your product works very well. The floor around the fireplace and the hearth are noticeably not as cold as they were (previously it was like having a block of ice in the house) and the draft has all but stopped."
Scott H Durham, NC

"The chimney balloon arrived yesterday! .......Just in time for this N.E. cold snap. What awesome service! We tell all our friends about you and the chimney balloon. Thank you,"
Pat T. Manchster, MA

"I've received the smoke pencil a week ago and now have tested it. I'm well surprised : it generates more fog I thought. Thank you for your service."
Alexis N. Faucompierre, France

"I received the smoke stick. It works great. Thanks for the wonderful customer support"
Paul H. Clinton, IL

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