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Is Your Fireplace or Wood Stove Causing Problems?

Amy's Fireplace Was Drafty and Cold?
A drafty fireplace is like leaving a window open all year. See how a Chimney Balloon warmed up Amy's livingroom and saved on her energy bills. more on this

Jake's Fireplace Was Smelly?
Chimney creosote and smoke crossover from one fireplace to another can smell up your home. See how Jake used a Chimney Balloon to seal out smoke smells & bad chimney odors. more on this

Jane Had Bugs and Bats Getting In?
Small animals and insects love to crawl into dark chimneys. See how Jane used a Chimney Balloon to keep wasps and bats out of her house. more on this

Ed Had Bird & Traffic Noise Echoing In?
Chimneys acts like megaphones for outside noise. See how Ed used a Chimney Balloon to baffle out pigeon noise and car horns.
more on this


As Seen In the Media:


"The [Chimney] Balloon arrived today and is doing the trick. Thanks for the fast turnaround and for warming up my den" 
Fred - Inglewood, CA

"Your product has made quite a difference in the fire place for keeping the smell out and locking the air conditioning in"
Tim W - Providence, RI

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