Q: I have a fireplace that is very cold in the winter. I keep the metal damper closed when I am not using it, but the room that the fireplace is still cold.

I recently had an energy audit done on my house and the energy rater told me the fireplace was leaky. He suggested a Chimney Balloon to seal the fireplace - Amy

A: Hi Amy, The problem you are experiencing is a common problem with both wood and gas log fireplaces. The metal dampers warp and corrode, and do not close tighly around the edges. This lets in cold drafts and also allows your interior heat to escape.

You can install a Chimney Balloon in the fireplace flue and close it off with a tight energy-saving seal. It is very simple to do.

How to Fix It Step By Step:
Step 1: Follow the instructions to measure your fireplace

Step 2: Order a Chimney Balloon according to your measurements

Step 3: When the Chimney Balloon arrives, you inflate the Chimney Balloon into place to seal the fireplace flue. This seal will stop the drafts and also save on your heating and A/C bills by keeping your interior air from going up the flue.


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