Smoke Pencil Puffer Stick

The Smoke Pencil puffer stick is the tool used to identify drafts and air leaks. Pull the trigger on the smoke stick and see how the smoke moves to show the air movement. You control the amount of smoke by using the trigger. The smoke is a perfectly mixed non-toxic sweet smelling Glycol, Glycerin and water solution vapor.


Each Smoke Pencil Pro Comes With:
1 - Smoke Pencil (6AA batteries not included)
1 - 3oz Bottle of non-toxic smoke fluid
1 - Direction sheet
Download the Heavy Duty Smoke Pencil direction sheet
- 37KB PDF
Download the Universal Smoke Fluid MSDS Sheet

Optional Upgrades:
3oz Smoke Bottle Refill Kit
Rechargeable kit with 6AA Ni-MH batteries and Charger
Smoke Pencil Adaptor Tip

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Transportation Note: Other types of smoke sticks and smoke puffers have very dangerous chemicals or flamables in them. Most of these other smoke sticks cant even be brought on a plane or sent via Air Package Carrier or US mail because of the dangerous chemicals they contain. This Smoke Pencil is different since it operates on a harmless glycol, glycerin and water vapor. Also the smoke fluid comes in a small 3 oz bottle that is the allowable size by TSA.

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